Jesus ‘Jesse’ San Miguel

The Chicago Dog Whisperer

Jesus ‘Jesse’ San Miguel is the owner and sole-operator of Canine Perspective, Inc. Clients frequently refer to him as, “The Chicago Dog Whisperer.”
Jesse possesses a natural intuition, and ability to look at a dog’s behavior and determine the cause, as well as, the solution.

Understanding your dog

Jesse set about acquiring his knowledge through volunteer work at a local animal shelter in Harlingen, Texas because dogs with behavior issues make up a majority of their population. Leading him to not limit himself to their friendly dogs, but most importantly, motivating him to work with the “problem” dogs.

He began to see how a vast number were simply misunderstood. A few of the dogs had even been through obedience courses that did nothing to address the animal’s behavioral issues. Unfortunately, euthanization is the destination for many of them. Because of this, Jesse’s primary focus is to educate everyone on the importance of understanding dogs, as well as, their respective needs.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to a Pack Walk this year. I will see everyone again next year once the weather begins to warm up in the spring. Enjoy the holidays! ...

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Tomorrow’s 8 am Pack Walk is on at our usual spot at the John Peter Altgeld monument in East Lakeview! Check here by 7:30 am in case the walk is cancelled! ...

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Tomorrow’s Pack Walk is on for 8 am at the John Peter Altgeld Monument in Lakeview. I saw a chance of rain but looks like it won’t be until later in the day, but don’t forget to check here by 7:30 am in case the walk has been cancelled ...

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Student of World Renown Dog Trainer, Richard Heinz

Realizing a need to learn more. Jesse began seeking out answers after working with two behavioral cases that were outside of his scope of knowledge at the time. Leading him to an internship with world renown dog trainer, Richard Heinz, “The Miami Dog Whisperer.”

Richard possesses over 20 years of experience in every aspect of dog training from foundational puppy obedience to the highest level of protection. He turns around the most severe behavior cases with his unique methods he’s been developing over his career. Jesse is now using that knowledge to rehabilitate dogs in danger of being put to sleep.

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Richard Heinz Reviews Jesus San Miguel Of Canine Perspective, Inc.


All programs are tailored to your specific needs.
If you don't need it, it's not covered.

A consultation is required to estimate the appropriate path for training. Training a nervous dog is much different than training a stable dog.
For obedience or minor behaviors, Jesse gets a feel for your goals and an understanding of your dog’s personality type.

Programs are held at a location of your choosing, aside from the Master the Walk program, which is only for leash pulling and/or reactivity.

Consultations with Jesse are $235 and are not credited towards your training program. 

Oz Park & Facility Pricing

Master the Walk

3-Week Program
$ 725
  • Address pulling specifically
  • Struggling with reactivity
  • Reactive & Non-Reactive
    Dogs Only

Basic Control

6-Week Program
$ 1,425
  • Address reactivity issues
  • Off-leash Recall
  • Minor behavior problems like barking at the door

Moderate Control

9-Week Program
$ 2,025
  • Address reactivity issues, Off-leash Recall
  • Minor Human Aggression
  • Stationary Control

Full Control

12-Week Program
$ 2,550
  • Reactivity issues, Stationary Control
  • Minor/Moderate Human Aggression
  • Full Off-leash Control

In-Home Programs With Jesse Are Currently Not Being Offered As Of 5/1/22

Collars are to be purchased separately. Jesse only trains with the Dogtra brand of remote-collar. Do not purchase your collar until Jesse has informed you of what model will be appropriate to your dog’s size and personality.

If your dog has bitten or attempted to bite a human you will be charged the fee for human-aggression. This is because there is more liability and risk of physical harm to Jesse. Jesse will test your dog’s behavior and inform you if whether or not your dog is truly ‘aggressive.’

Designed for Peace of Mind

When potential clients contact us, most believe that their dog is in need of a Behavior/Aggression Program. 99% of the time this is not the case. Jesse gets about 1 – 2 dog(s) a year that he deems to be truly ‘aggressive’ and will only work with the dog if a Behavior/Aggression Program is purchased due to the severity of the behavior, risk of physical harm, and liability.

In addition to other recommended training programs, clients with ‘aggression’ or ‘aggressive-type’ cases may also be given a quote for a Behavior program.  You are not obligated to purchase the Behavior Program.

The Behavior Program was designed for a peace of mind and is more expensive because behaviors covered during the program come with a ‘warranty’ for the dog’s lifetime. Also, because dogs that fall into this category tend to pose harm to either the owners, people, and of course, the trainers that work with the dog.

Should something happen down the line, Jesse’s clients simply have to call and he’ll re-assess the issue and address the problems at no extra charge.

Behavior Program

$ 5,250+
  • For the rare truly aggressive dog and for those wanting peace of mind on the behaviors addressed
  • Pricing is dependent upon the severity of the behavior
  • 'Warranty’ on the behaviors covered for the life of the dog

Client Reviews

...We started working with Jesse at Canine Perspective and would highly recommend anyone else to do the same! Jesse taught us that Doug needed rules and structure to help calm his nerves and help him feel safe. Jesse was knowledgeable and spent the time to truly understand Doug and what he personally needed to be a well-behaved pup. Jesse is attentive, knowledgeable, and a great teacher for pups and their families. We can attest that Jesse is truly the dog whisperer of Chicago!
...I was pretty amazed how quickly Louie learned to "drop" possessions-which I truly never thought was possible- and he learned so many other commands that controlled his naughty behaviors. Jesse was very professional, flexible with scheduling, and whenever we brought up Louie's particular issues, he was quick to provide a solution. He explained his methods well and it all really made sense...